Edmond Jr. Rodeo 2019

Rodeo Dates 2019

April 5 & 6  
May 3 & 4 * Cancelled
May 24 & 25 *Saturday roping/poles cancelled
(see below)
June 14 & 15  
July 12 & 13  
July 19 & 20  
August 2 & 3 May 3-4 makeup
August 9 & 10 Finals

Gate Admission

$5.00 – Adults
$1.00 – 18 and younger

Everyone pays gate admission; including parents, contestants, spectators, rodeo staff and volunteers.  Gate money goes towards helping purchase year-end awards for the finalists!

EJR Event Directors 2019

Dawn Hallman
Becky Patton
Sponsorship’s Doug Hooten  
On Foot Events Courtney Gregg  
Rough Stock Cody Weiss  
Goats on horse John Akright  
Barrel Racing Mandy Hobson  
Pole Bending Mandy Hobson  
Roping Brian Gregg  
Point Auditors

Heather Baker
Kathy Schwanke

Rodeo Start Time 2019

Friday night rodeo will start at 7:00 pm, books close at 6:30 pm.
Saturday night rodeo will start at 6:00 pm, books close at 5:30 pm.
Roping will start at 10:00 am on Saturday (double header), books close at 9:30 am.

Pre-Entries 2019


All roping events, Chute Dogging and rough stock events (excluding Mutton Bustin’)

Call-In Entries will be accepted on Monday prior to the rodeo ONLY FROM 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm:
Kimberly (405) 264-3685

*Please DO NOT leave a voice mail entry; they will not be accepted.
*Please DO NOT call before 6:00 pm or after 9:00 pm.

(Online entries for ALL EVENTS are strongly encouraged)
To enter online – choose the entry form from the Edmond Jr. Rodeo drop down menu at the top of this page.

Scratches / Withdraws 2019

Any scratches must be received by Friday at 5:00pm to EdmondJrRodeo@hotmail.com

Membership 2019

Membership dues and application must be completed and turned in by the end of the last scheduled event of the rodeo for which the contestant would like for his/her points to count. A copy of the contestant’s birth certificate must be furnished for EJR records, and must be turned in by the next rodeo the contestant attends. No points will be accumulated or rodeo attendance counted until the membership application & dues are turned in.

EJR – Membership Release Form 2019

Rulebook 2019

Please Remember…
As contestants and parents, it is your responsibility to read the rulebook & know the rules of your event.

Hard copies of the rulebook are always available at every Jr. Rodeo in the office.

EJR – Rulebook 2019

YTD Standings 2019

For questions, comments or concerns about the points, please send an email to EdmondJrRodeo@hotmail.com

YTD Final Standings

Requirements To Be Eligible For Year End Awards 2019

  • $25.00 Membership Fee (Membership & Release Form), must be completed, paid and turned in by the end of the rodeo performance in which the contestant would like points to count.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (if not already on file with the Edmond Jr. Rodeo).
  • Contestant must compete in the same event a minimum of eight (8) times prior to the Finals.
  • Contestant, or a representative, must work 50% of the rodeos (6 rodeos) prior to the Edmond Jr. Rodeo Finals.

Events & Prices 2019

Age 4 & Under Goat Undecorating on Foot
Stick Horse Barrel Racing
Dummy Roping
Age 5 to 6 Goat Undecorating on Foot
Stick Horse Barrel Racing
Dummy Roping
Age 6 & Under Mutton Bustin’
Goat Undecorating on Horse
Barrel Racing
Pole Bending
Age 7 to 8 Calf Riding $26.00
Age 7 to 9 Goat Undecorating on Foot
Goat Tying
Barrel Racing
Pole Bending
Dummy Roping
 Age 9 & Under Break-a-Way Roping $25.00
Age 9 to 11 Jr. Steer Riding $29.00
Age 10 to 13 Goat Tying
Barrel Racing
Pole Bending
Break-a-Way Roping
Chute Dogging
Age 12 to 14 Sr. Steer Riding $29.00
Age 13 & Under Team Roping $30.00
Age 15 to 16 Jr. Bull Riding $45.00
Age 17 to 18 Sr. Bull Riding $45.00
Age 14 to 18 Goat Tying
Barrel Racing
Pole Bending
Break-a-Way Roping
Chute Dogging
Team Roping


Edmond Jr. Rodeo Photos

Megan Beaty Photography
(469) 586-7110 phone
Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/MeganBeatyPhotography/

Bailey Parker Photography
(405) 924-5943 phone
Website:  baileyparkerphotography.shootproof.com

Edmond Jr. Rodeo T-Shirts

Edmond Jr. Rodeo Sponsors

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors for the Edmond Jr. Rodeo – we couldn’t do it without you!

Citizens Bank of Edmond
Main Lobby & Lending Center
1 East 1 Street, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
32 N. Broadway, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
(405) 341-6650 phone

Earl’s Rib Palace
2121 S. Broadway
Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 715-1166 phone

Langston’s Western Wear
2224 Exchange Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 235-9536 phone

Werm Flooring Systems
702 Overhead Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73128
(405) 834-6975 phone

The Dead Mosquito
(405) 206-1482 phone

Torchy;s Tacos
1556 E 2nd Street
Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 531-5201 phone

Chicken Express
1000 W Danforth Road
Edmond, Oklahoma 73003
(405) 285-2425 phone

Sleep Inn
3608 S. Broadway Extension
Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 844-3000 phone

Edmond Jr. Rodeo 2019 Awards Banquet

No information at this time, check back later for details.

Edmond Jr. Rodeo 2019 All Around Winners

Kruz Williams All Around Cowboy 6 & Under
Desiree Burgess All Around Cowgirl 6 & Under
Bryar Blessing All Around Cowboy 7 to 9
Carly Gregg All Around Cowgirl 7 to 9
Dillon Blessing All Around Cowboy 10 to 13
Rianne Tinsley All Around Cowgirl 10 to 13
Jeremiah Thompson All Around Cowboy 14 to 18
Destiny Summers All Around Cowgirl 14 to 18